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Rajah Island

Rajah Island

Orumanayoor(PO), Chettuva, Chavakkad, Thrissur, Kerala, 680512

0487 – 2531496
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Rajah Island is Green leaf certified hospital ,it is situated at Chettuva back waters near Guruvayur. Here we have facility to give treatments for specific illness as well as rejuvenation. We are having different types of cottages, normal rooms etc The twenty acre Rajah Island is surrounded by the famed back waters of Kerala. A myriad of birds and fishes welcome you in the midst of mangroves to this island of peace. The uniqueness of the backwaters of Kerala has been captured in folklore, literature, memories and pictures from time immemorial. These backwaters are a distinctive feature of the Kerala landscape. It supports a diverse eco-system where numerous specialties of plants and animals live. Rajah Island captures the magic of backwaters for you.

  • Avagaham
  • Dhanyamla
  • Dhoomapanam
  • Dhoopanam
  • Elakizhi
  • Jalookavacharanam
  • Kashayadhara
  • Kashayavasthy
  • Kateevasthy
  • Ksheeradhara
  • Ksheeradhoomam
  • Ksheeravasthy
  • Lepanam
  • Mathravasthy
  • Mukhalepam
  • Naleeswedam
  • Narangakizhi
  • Nasyam
  • Nellikkathalam
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