About Us

A single click could open a number of options before you, all equally attractive.

This is what Medical Portal Dot In should mean to you.

Think of a patient sitting somewhere in the US or Europe for whom this is not just another portal gives generic information with much lesser details on specifics.
The portal will have Demographic specific Directory Listing, exact details about Leading Hospitals and Specialty Clinics, Doctors and Spas of Asia. The portal will also allow the visitors to communicate directly with the Specialist Doctors.

The portal has been designed particularly ensure transparency at all stages of communication, which is of prime importance to clients from the West. The portal will help the client to make the right choice from the possible options for treatment and specialist doctors and give him reliable information about procedure cost, which will vary from hospital to hospital, country to country.

There will not be a word or a figure in the portal that has not been verified for authenticity, because all the partners associating with Medical Portal dot Asia will be the brand leaders in their genre who uphold credibility as one of their prime virtues. Medical Portal stands for trust and credibility. There will not be any compromise on that.